No fly list – the system works

Wie das Schmierblatt berichtet, hat ein britischer Einwanderungsbeamter Kreativität und Initiative bewiesen:

The officer added his other half’s name to the register of people banned from flying to the UK while she was in Pakistan visiting her family.

When she arrived at the airport to catch her return flight, she was told she couldn’t get on the plane – without being given an explanation.

Das perfekte Verbrechen. Aber nein, dem Staatsapparat entgeht nichts:

The ploy came to light when the officer’s superiors vetted him ahead of a promotion that required him to have a higher level of security clearance.

Realising his wife was on the terror watch list, they confronted him and he confessed.

Kurzum: Alles ist in Ordnung. Gehen Sie weiter. Hier gibt es nichts zu sehen!

(via @flueke)