Charm and disarm

Transkript des Press Briefings vom 22. Juli 2010:

MR. GIBBS: Mr. Feller.

Q Thanks, Robert. A few questions following up on Shirley Sherrod. Just a point of order, in the statement —

MR. GIBBS: Point of order?

Q Point of order.

MR. GIBBS: Okay. (Laughter.) Is there a parliamentarian for Ben’s point of order?

Q I cede my time to the gentleman from the Associated Press. (Laughter.)

Q The statement says —

MR. GIBBS: If there are no objections — go ahead, I’m sorry.

Q Thank you. The President expressed to Ms. Sherrod his regret. Is it accurate to say that he apologized, personally apologized?

MR. GIBBS: Yes, yes.

Q Okay. Thank you, the point of order.

MR. GIBBS: Reclaiming your time?

Q Reclaiming the time. Did he lobby for her to take her job back —


The West Wing, Staffel 6, „The Hubbert Peak“:

TOBY: Are you trying to get fired?

ANNABETH: I’m trying to help you. That Mencken line this morning was funny. No one laughed ‚cause you
flung it at them.

TOBY: Briefing the press isn’t a seduction, it’s war.

ANNABETH: What C.J. did for seven years wasn’t combat. It was charm and disarm.

TOBY: Just draft the release.

ANNABETH: Smart and funny. Seduce them. Worked on your wife.

TOBY: We’re divorced.

ANNABETH: Living with you’s a whole nother ballgame. I get that already.