Twittern aus Hilflosigkeit

Vor ein paar Tagen machte der Twitter-User „nipp“ Medienkarriere als erster twitternder Augenzeuge. Er hat nun seine Erfahrungen kurz zusammengefasst:

I could not get to the airplane. Not knowing exactly how to act I went online put the news of the crash on the internet a website called Twitter. I was the only one near the crash site who had access to the internet. I kept updating on the situation through Twitter not knowing what else to do. Within minutes my messages where picked up by the worlds media. I got phone calls from CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera and more major network stations asking to describe what I was seeing.

Das war freilich nicht viel: ein Flugzeugwrack in der Ferne, Rettungskräfte eilen hin, ein paar freihändige und uninformierte Spekulationen.

Above all, I am amazed by the power of internet reporting, and the speed by which is was picked up by the (old) but very powerful medium that television still is – how various stations got my mobile number within minutes remains a mystery to me.

Aprospos: Nip mag der erste menschliche Augenzeuge auf Twitter gewesen sein, insgesamt war aber doch nur zweiter.

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