Wiki-Forschung und Drama

Die Wikipedia Signpost ist immer wieder lesenswert. Diese Woche gibt es eine interessante Melange aus Wiki-Forschung und Wikidrama:

A community debate is ongoing at Wikiversity over appropriate content and the viability of Wikiversity, sparked by a wheel-warring and deletion incident. The issue had to do with a page created by Privatemusings called "Ethical Breaching Experiments," which was for designing and recording experiments designed to test Wikipedia's vandalism defenses and processes for removing false content. As reported last week, a false biography was on the front page of Wikipedia on 2 March as a DYK; the bogus information was designed as a breaching experiment, and the appropriateness of such experiments has recently been under community debate.

After being notified on his talk page about the new project, Jimmy Wales deleted the Wikiversity page as being "out of scope" (later referring to it as disruptive) and blocked the primary contributor, Privatemusings. The page was restored by SB Johnny, who also undid the block; finally, Wales redeleted the pages, restored the block, and desysopped SB Johnny. Gbaor resigned his Wikiversity adminship in protest of Wales‘ actions.

Don’t mess with Jimbo!