Wenn man auf das Volk hören würde, wäre alle so klar. Keine Wahlcomputer! Keine Nacktscanner. Und kein Hausarrest für Tess Chapin.

So berichtet die NYTimes:

On Monday, the official start of what Tess calls her “groundation,” she circulated a petition during sixth period and after school at Millennium High School in Lower Manhattan, where she is a sophomore. At a friend’s suggestion, once she got home, Tess put the petition online by starting the Facebook group, which she categorized under Organizations: Advocacy. The group promptly took off, proving that no adolescent experience, in the age of social networking, is too small to start a movement.[…]Tess originally invited around 1,000 people to join her group, and by Tuesday, 500 of them or their friends had signed up. By Friday morning, the number had surpassed 800, and Tess said that she recognized only about 35 percent of the names. “Have never met u but I pledge to make a statement so I hope this works,” wrote a young New Yorker named Ethan Bloom, in a typical sentiment of support displayed on the Facebook group’s wall, a public space for messages.

Ihre Eltern halten jedoch dem öffentlichen druck stand. Anders das Weiße Haus, das sich trotz der offensiven Offenheit von den legitimsten Anliegen widersetzt, sie sogar verschweigt:

In similar fashion thousands of letters, faxes and emails to the President Elect and the President since November 4, 2008 demanding Barack Obama end the truth embargo and call for congressional hearings on the UFO/ET issue have not been acknowledged by the White House – no response. Furthermore, the Citizen’s Briefing Book generated during the transition by the website was stripped of all UFO/ET related input to the Book prior to submission to the President. This is not acceptable.

Und damit die Politiker eine Lehre ziehen, haben die UFOlogen eine neue Gruppe gefunden, die mit Petitionen eindecken können:

Paradigm Research Group (PRG) announced today a renewed international effort to convince Barack Obama to end a 62-year truth embargo preventing formal government acknowledgement of an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. Also renewed is pressure on the White House press corps to start asking appropriate questions and demand appropriate answers about connections between key members of the Democratic Party – Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, John Podesta, Leon Panetta and Bill Richardson – and the UFO/ET issue

Die Initiative heißt übrigens: A Million Fax on Washington, was die Wichtigkeit des Anliegens unterstreicht: wer heute noch ein Fax nutzt, kommt eindeutig aus einer anderen Galaxie.